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Friday, December 30, 2016


The Characteristic of Career and Commerce

It has diverse characteristics that are categorized. The author aims to understand the nature of business from the point of view that identifies the characteristics of a career and commerce.  The characteristics of a career are with opportunities for progress. It is an increase of opportunities to social, and economic standards. The careerist is with professional advancement and thrive on prospering in a way that identifies with vehement flourish and developing vigorously. The amelioration of occupational opportunities will increase social and economic standards. Similarly, to these holds truth, investing in developing countries to build jobs and prosperity depends heavily on education (DFID). Therefore, a career can achieve social and economic standards with are given occupational opportunities. On the other hand, a careerist has both advantages and disadvantage. The advantage for a careerist belongs to a group of three, according to Lyubimov, N. (2016), the emotionality of three is not as noticeable as the emotionality of twos, but three look very rational and practical because they belong to the Triad of Emotion becomes clear when we see how easily they can scan and understand the emotions of other people; in addition, three confidently plan both their life and career, and communicate with people with differing social or professional statuses; however, the careers with the emotionality two, relating to the emotionality of three is not as noticeable as the emotionality of twos (Lyubimov, N., 2016) to read more visit http://www.orionsoltraining.com/single-post/2016/03/21/Personality-Type-THREE-Achiever-Executor-Careerist. Then, commerce is the social relationship between people in exchanging of information. Commonly, it relates to the careerist especially mentioned in the emotionality of three, but in this case, it involves a group of people organized. Therefore, the commerce is considered the cooperative link between people within and organization and/or an organization linking other organizations and/or partners linking with other partners of two. In commerce, two is a powerful relationship that can also be diverse matter that build relationship between two and three, the two of a partnership and the three of group, the purpose of the commerce is based on experience and express emotions through building social relationships. According to http://lexicon.ft.com/Term?term=social-relationship-management, social relationship management is about keeping track of any mention of a company, its products, brands, or services and allows the company to manage its presence on the web with the record of a trace of ability, a consistent set of criteria and human intervention. Yet, the commerce also was considered as a branch of metaphysics, involving with the nature and relations of that identify the characteristics of the nature beings, having the quality of existence. According to https://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/events/foaf-galway/papers/fp/descriptions_of_social_relations/, ontological representations of social networks such as FOAF would need to be extended with a framework for modelling and characterizing social relationships for two principle reasons, for example, (1) to support the automated integration of social information on a semantical basis and (2) to capture established concepts in Social Network Analysis, which provides the most significant toolkit for processing social networks with the purpose of understanding social structure and its effects; in addition, Social ontology for online communities and social networks, and the purpose of networking sites is to let users organize their network connections (by creating profiles and linking to profiles of others), discovering new possible ties in the process and recovering connections to old-time friends or other relations, but the functionality imitates the local search process of real social networks (by letting users browse the friendship network) and relies on the high clustering of social networks (the friends of our friends are likely to be friends as well), for example, popular networking sites such as Friendster or Orkut (and the professionally oriented Link In) are mostly closed systems that take a centralized approach in storing network data, while FOAF uses Semantic Web technology for interoperability and promotes a decentralized approach.

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