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 PictueThey had led to discuss, having a major concern about the influential information technology and the expectation that is expected in 2017. Today’s news, they aim to continue discussion on information technology, and computer engineering. Information Technology is Hot! It is the most influence subjects discussed in today’s world. In 2017, Did you know that the Mazda Car will be the first to use a diesel engine in the United States? (Source: USA, Today). Information Technology plays a role in these diesel engines that is influenced through smart infrastructure like the V2X. It is a technology that enables cars to communicate with their surroundings, for example, warning of road hazards, reducing traffic injuries and other safety warnings (Source: NXP). Diesel is more expensive than gas as shown in figure 1, therefore, why any car manufacture wants to use diesel? Who is going to buy diesel cars? On the other hand, it was not reported that Cadillac will use a diesel engine for their cars, but their interest is the V2V for driving conditions, braking solutions, accidents and wi-fi technology (Source USA, Today). Yet, the cars with diesel engine have yet to know how well they do in the United States (Source USA,Today). On the other side of the world, Hon Hai Precision Industry and Sharp Corp are investing in liquid-crystal display (LCDs), which they plan to complete these projects in an expensive building in China (Source Reuters). LCDs are booming in sales in Asia/Pacific (Source Statista). In 2017, the prediction is that banks will demand higher interest rates and like to see the Consumer Protection Act dismantled; on the other hand, US will limit the inexpensive imports coming from China and South Korea (Source Forbes). However, the impact of Information Technology in 2017 will influence the banks, customers will use the Al and machine-learning techniques for their transaction, and these techniques will allow fraudulent alerts (to read more about Al and Machine-Learning Techniques read this article on “5 things you need to know about A.I: Cognitive, neural and deep, oh my!” (Source:Computer World).   Information Technology is a sustainability to users in today’s world. Moreover, there are some many topics related to Information Technology and devices use by billions of companies and users also searching for answers.  2017 give a few ways in which Information Technology will influence 2017. Researching different sites provided some ideas how Information Technology works in today’s world and where the need is most in the market. 

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