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It does not come cheap for travelers. They are willing to spend an over 2 billion a day, over million an hour and over a million in a minute and over 30 thousand dollars in a second (Source: US Travel). Just for having pleasure, the leisure traveler will spend over 600 billion for domestic and international traveling (US Travel). Leisure Travels are known to visit relatives, friends, fine dining, beaches and shopping. On the other hand, business travelers spend nearly 30 billion for expenditures on meeting, events and incentive programs (US Travel). Yet, the international traveler spends over 200 billion and United States (US Travel). The warning received from these international travelers was over 70 million arrivals in the United States (US Travel). More international traveler travels to United States then Canada and Mexico. They travel for jobs, visiting, shopping, sightseeing, fine dining, national parks/monuments and amusement/theme parks. Now, it is important to follow these steps to understand your needs when traveling. First, you need to know what hospitality means since it means so many people things to different people. Secondly, you need to understand about the hospitality industry. Thirdly, you need to understand hospitality needs. Then, you need to understand hospitality management. The hospitality management consultant is the most important person you need to contact before traveling anywhere in the world because they can help you with your travel needs and help you meet your travel’s and keep you safe.  The Hospitality Industry is a friendly and generous reception of your travel plan. A hospitality plan should always be a part of your traveling needs. It is where vacationers, business traveler and visitors go to be entertained, eat great foods at restaurants, stay in lavish hotels, lodging, and car rental. A well-established hospitality industry knows the how important it is to meet the needs of guests. The characteristic of the Hospitality industry is being welcoming, friendly, and kind. The Hospitality collaborates with tourism industry to accommodate guests by providing information on the location, transportation used in the location, and other accommodation needs as requested. The Hospitality Management Consultant meets the needs of guest and walk them though the visitor journey map for pleasure. On the other hand, the hospitality management is the process of managing the plan of the guest. Understanding their goal of, they collect information by conducting a research of the place to be visited. Providing them with information about hospitality, tourism, and travels, They make hospitality, tourism and travel appointments and arrangements to meet their clients ‘goal. Hospitality manages all the traveler, business arrangements, such as, designations, accommodations, travel tips, currency exchange rates, travel warning, weather conditions, travel insurance, and health and emergency needs. For clients have different needs, for example, fun, adventure, leisure, discovery, relaxation career, internship relocation and other travel needs. Therefore, the hospitality management is to cover hospitality needs, such as, hotel and restaurant, and car rental reservations, maps, tour information, and other travel information.

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