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January 11, 2017


Templates are the first thing that is done before designing a website. In this blog, there is some design

 template, but this blog does not only show you different template but it places some emphasis on 

other things you need to know before designing a website.

Now, a website is geographical location that connects us to the Internet. It has different types of information that visitors can read about. It is also located on the World Wide Web. Website has a unique Architectural Website Design, which involves Construction Management. They have many canvas shapes that involves different patterns for processing information.  
However, you can visit many websites to get an idea of website design, and visiting the website of the Awwwards, there are a few great designs of different websites. On the other hand, the framework of templates on a website below is just a few ideas of designing a website.
Shapes are the key to the designing a website. Understanding shapes can enhance your website for example, square, triangle, circle, rectangle. These are the basic types of shapes, but there are many more shapes to design a website.
Colors also enhance the website because it gives a user a certain feeling about the website. The most colors that are used on a website, for example, blue, orange, green, purple, and red. People are attracted to these colors and even colors can increase visitors, especially if it is a color a visitor likes. Moreover, colors can tell you about the characteristics of a company. Colors, furthermore, have psychological and sociological effects on humans because color is a part of the environment that it plays a great deal of identifying something.
Typography is fonts and it is important in designing a website because it has styles and appearance that is appealing to the eyes. It is also recommended to find a typography design that will be accepted by visitors.
There are two things a designer wants to do and they are captivating and engaging. These two words are important to increase visitors to your site. Captivating visitors, it means that you have the capability of attracting and keeping the interests of users; however, engaging your users are just important because it demonstrates your ability to draw favorable attention and interests of your users.
Photos tells a story and this is what many designers, do they tell a story on the website. For example, a picture with a woman and child, may tell the users that this website is about parenting. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the reason for the website because knowing why you are creating this site helps you to bring the pictures needed to characterize the site. In fact, a picture is great for contents. Having a picture helps you to write the content better on a website, for example, a picture of a mountain. The mountain tells a story, for instance, people hiking, biking, and sledding.  

Yet, contents are extremely important for a website and there are many different things that have a topic for your content. Finding content to write about, it is all around, but writing about something that interest someone else could be hard; therefore, it is important to know your audience and their language. The way your visitors talk to a friend or family, you want to know so to build a better relationship with a customer.






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