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The Ways to Earn Profits Using A Website
January 11, 2017

There are different ways to earn an income from a website. For starters, there are free websites, forum, blogs, and social networks and media and open source software. Understanding the free software is a start to earn income online, and it does not have to cost you anything to start. For example, you create a free blog and tell your friends and family to visit your blog, this can encourage them to purchase from your blog. Moreover, you need to know your audience, for example, friends and family. You need to know what they will buy at what cost. Reading an article be Alton, L. of Entrepreneur (n.d.) on 4 ways to make a profit from a free website, for example, demographic, geographic, create original contents, and other methods as mentioned about. Reading, Alton L. of Entrepreneur (n.d.) was a remember of demographic, geographic, create original contents and the importance of this information that will increase traffic and earn a profit.  First, there are many different ways to find a demographic, for example, you can make a decision on the age you like to sell your products, you can look in your community and observed what people are doing and pick the ages and what they are buying, you can see how many people are interested in buying your product through a survey in your community, and your friends and family are also demographic because they have different ages and you can learn from them what they are interested in buying. Therefore, Demographic is the structure of the population in your community. Developing a Geographic Plan, this will allow you to understand the physical features of an area, for example, in your city there is a main street and a downtown area. In the main street, there are lots of stores, but downtown there is only the city hall. In geographic planning, it is important to pick an area in your community where your product will sell. You must decide whether to sell on main street or downtown. However, remember to sell your products to the area that most need your product. When create original contents, it is recommended that you create a content that not of somebody else. You want to be original. The advantage of starting an online business is that you will earn an income and you will be selling items that your audience needs. Therefore, you will be helping someone else and helping other people with their needs always a great feeling of accomplishment. The disadvantages of starting an online business, you might not earn a living on your product, everybody is not going to be satisfied with your products, and you might sell a disaffected product, and pricing your products to high. Before deciding on selling products online, you will need a business plan and marketing strategy. You need to know about competitions in your area and compare to the market. Always remember if your product is not patented, there are always somebody selling what you are selling and you need to let your customers know why your product is better than someone else’s products.

   Great Ways to increase traffic to a website
January 11, 2017

On the SEO's Topic, a research was conducted for gaining knowledge about SEO. What was learned that there were different methods that will increase traffic to a site. To prove that there was more than one method, a research was needed. Now, there is a different type of methods use to drive traffic to a website (Hallur, A., n.d.). The methods need to be thought out thoroughly and planned and researched (Hallur, A., n.d.). These methods are used to increase traffic to a site and monitor their activities (Hallur, A., n.d.). Using a method that is relevant to the terms and phrases related to a topic, they will increase the traffic to a site.  However, just adding a key word has been out since the first generation of computers. Moreover, keywords have been replaced with long-tail keywords. Keyword phrases also increase traffic to a site (Hallur, A., n.d.). The Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) was founded by Google Algorithm (Hallur, A., n.d.). This is an SEO Strategy. Yet, the LSI keywords do not give a high turnover, but it is a low turnover; moreover, LSI is used to research a small audience of this type of keywords and it may be perfect for a business. Collecting keywords from your content will increase traffic to your site. Buying PPC in AdWords or Bing will increase traffic to a site (Fishkin, R, 2016). Using synonyms, this is a great way to drive traffic to a site because they provide similar words that you can use in your keyword strategy. It is also important to identify your visits and speak their language. Social media and networking sites are other ways to find keywords, especially if the keywords are relevant to your site. In addition, creating a forum can increase traffic to your site. Facebook’s Group creation will increase traffic to your linked sited. According to Fishkin, R. (2016), writing news columns can increase traffic to your website, it needs to be properly prepared and plan, and thoroughly analyze the topics. Yet, testing your key words in a search engine has also helped to increase traffic to a site. In fact, your title is extremely important because this is what the reader sees first and it is also a caption title. In addition, human factors can increase traffic to a site. Understanding the needs and experience of users, it can help increase traffic and talk their language. To learn more about Human Factors and Users need and Experience, click here!

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