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Information Technology and Laws

It is the fact of the practical purposes, especially in industries. The reason for this is because computers developed from the application of scientific knowledge and engineering. It also investigates a document of facts and observation, including always 
 Justice Scale Pictureoccurs if certain conditions are present. Scientific Knowledge is characterized by methods and principles of Information Technology, which gained by experience of a fact in questioned. Then, there is engineering. Engineering is concerned with designs, creating, and structure. Information Technologies are Website Designs, Website Development User Interface, and SEO, SQL, HTML coding, Graphical User Interface, and Programming Languages, Encryptions (data security), User Accessibility, Wireframe, Prototype, infrastructure and architecture, and other applications. According to https://definitions.uslegal.com/i/information-technology/, Information Technology professions execute technical assistance to computer administrators on the design and management of their information systems; evaluating the costs, system design, and suitability of information equipment and related services; and developing a unified and integrated structure of information systems for all users. Information technology positions are often responsible for the purchase of computers, satellites, hardware, software, and other technology equipment and services and for staff training in the use of technology development programs. However, it is important to learn about the diverse law that applies to Information Technology. The regulations and policies that apply to Information Technology is a collecting, storing and electronic information in today’s world of businesses (Source: HR). The law protects individuals and business from different industries (Source: HR). In addition, the law creates regulations that impact the structure of information technology transactions (Source: HR). Also, there are laws that place emphasis on disputes and transaction, and agreement (contracts) (Source: HR). With the many innovates on software, switching to updated software, it has a numerous amount of legal down faults that many investors need to be aware of software’s regulations, such as licensing and other regulations that companies must comply when selling applications (Source: HR).  The issues in applications are performance, installation and troubleshooting, user training, limited liability and indemnification of the vendor, infringement disclaimers, payment and finance terms, data privacy, security, and other related legal issues (Source: HR).  

  1. Alice v. CLS Bank Int’l
  2. Community for CreativeNon-Violence v. Reid
  3. Certaincloud computing services not subject to use tax

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