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Emerging Technology In HealthCare

The use of technologies in healthcare 
January 19, 2017

Healthcare software is a big business in the healthcare industry. Information Technology is a growing business in the Healthcare Environment and the influence is so powerful in the healthcare industry that it shows in percentages of security, surveys, analytics, patient engagement, population, HER and monitoring a revenue cycle management (Siwicki, B. and Healthcare IT News). Healthcare environment had invested in cyber security, analytics, prescriptive analytics, and artificial intelligence based on a survey (Siwicki, B. and Healthcare IT News). In addition, the healthcare environment takes security serious, so the protect private information and their patient information, which lay out a big data platforms plan for the organization (Siwicki, B., and Healthcare IT News). Their goals are surveys, population, smart medical devices, remote patient monitoring and medicine (Siwicki, B., and Healthcare IT News). Furthermore, the works of the healthcare environment are improving the electronic health records, survey, population health tools to the electronic health record and migrating to the cloud and system upgrades. To Read more on this article, Linked http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/2017-year-ahead-healthcare-information-technology

Technology Information behavior and relation impact the healthcare industries
January 02, 2016

Reaching High Mountain peaks, Health Industries aim for the top of the mountain to achieve the highest point in marketing at a specific time and researching a specified value in Information Technology. There are three powerful solutions for the health industries that allow the market to bloom and increase performance, patients, economic growth and sustainability. This is what innovation information technology does to the health industries.  Using Analytical Information, the health industries need to have questions and need answers, have issues and solutions, given a hypothesis and proof, need comparison and contrast, cause and effect, quantitative and qualitative research, decision marking, life cycle and change over time (Harvard). The Health Industries use IT for competitive advantage in today’s market. Putting the Health Providers in a favorable position over competitions, it is positioning providers in a favorable business position.  Logically, health industries execute logical defines laws and debates. They need a clear understanding of the characteristics in information technology. The health industries are constantly making a rational transformation in technology. Today, information technology impact lives every day in today’s world. Therefore, it has become a hierarchical need. These hierarchical needs relate to social relationships and behaviors. It is important that the health industries learned the hierarchical needs of the patient and user experience. However, Logical Method executes laws, debates and a systemic solution. Logical Method and Methods have a control over the laws, debates and a systemic solution. They also depend on either psychological, or philosophical, or sociological method that impact the health environment.  The choosing of either psychological, or philosophical, or sociological method is related to the choice of technology and the characteristics of the organization. Method is also either routine, practice or procedures. Moreover, it is an approach to accomplishing a satisfaction resulted through a process. Furthermore, a method needs to include a maintenance method on the software on a continuing basis, for example, daily, weekly or bi-weekly. Waiting too long for software maintenance, there are consequences, for example, replacing new equipment and software, company incurs expenses, starting over with training and development, loss customers, and low performance, and unsatisfied consumers. Therefore, the health industries need to have a logical and rational plan in information technology. The Information Technology Plan needs to be structured, organized, and designed. Many health industries relate to cognition, acquiring knowledge and understanding of technology through education, experience and skills. Communication is a factor in information technology because it is either a fact, or influence that contributes to an outcome. Even better, communication is one of the core process in Information Technology.  It relates to information and communication technology that include communication devices, applications, encompassing, radio, television, cellular phones, computers and network hardware and software, satellite system and other information technologies, and other services and applications associated with them, such as, video conferencing, and distance learning; yet, context are also spoken by profession in education, health care, libraries and other academic institutions (Source: techtarget). Investing in information technology, the health industry boost sales, increase customers, keep existing customers, improve performance, and engage in software improvement. In fact, emerging innovative technology impact greatly with users, the Objectives of the health industry revitalize the quality of technology for best practices and user experiences. Patients imbue the technology with new meanings of technology and interacting with confidence.

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