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What is a Cell Phone?
Date: January 2, 2017

Where to Go To Purchase Cell Phone’s Parts for building a cell phone

What You need to know about Cell phone reusable & Non-reusable parts ?

It relates to a mobile telephone system. The process of the system uses a number of short-range radio stations to cover the area that it serves, the signal being automatically switched from one station to another as the user travels about. To build a cell phone, you do not have to be a genius just have common sense. In this blog, we discuss strategy and methods used to build a cell phone. First, the blog suggests how to then YouTube’s video, and other resources. Now, let us get started, if you have a used cell phone, you can take it apart and take pictures of the inside of the phone and use it as a blueprint as shown in figure 1. If you notice that blue print has the name of different components of the cell phone, it is suggested that you write down the elements down on paper in your phone. It is also suggested to use your old cell phone frame if you have it, but if not in this blog you find articles on the materials need to start building yourselves a phone, and stores where to purchase them.    

There are different stores to buy a frame, such as, DHgate, or AliExpressbut Home Depot has the Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit. Yet, However, the three suggestions below explain or discuss How To make a cell phone and also explain radio waves via video that cell phones need to operate. To understand the low power radio and radio waves that cell phones need to operateclick      “Creation of Low Power Radio.”  Yet, click "How to Build Your Own Cellphone [VIDEO]."  

However, do It Your Self (DIY) relates to building methods that are modified, and repairing cell phones without consulting expert. In the next few YouTube’s video, the video created DIY cell phones by The Ben Heck Show, click to watch on YouTube linked below:

On the other hand, this part of the blog is based on research that help you understand reusable or non-reusable components of a cell phone. Using a recovery system, inspection comes after a dissemble operation related to reusable or non-reusable

components of a cell phone. The reusable has three quality bins, for example, high, medium and low. When purchasing a cell phone quality make a difference. For instance, high quality has a warranty of 3 years, unlike either medium or low quality. The components of the cell phone can either be reusable and re-manufactured or sold as used parts or non-reusable parts can be recycled. Medium is expected to have a warranty of 1 to 3 years and low quality has less than one year warranty. However, the sensor is used as a source of information that detect and measure life cycles, but sensor can be completely removed.

Each component is detected by the sensor which found the remaining life information. What was learnt from reading the research paper, there were 15 buffers, which there are 3 quality bins and 5 major components of the cell phone, defined as a data area that shared by hardware devices or program processes that operate at different speed, and they allow either each device or process to operate without interference of the other; therefore, a buffer is based on the size and the algorithms for moving data into and out of the buffer as shown in figure 2, according to http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/buffer, and (Dulman, M. T., Pandit, A., & Gupta, S. M., 2016).

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